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Confidence in writing Press Releases and Project Descriptions

Confidence in writing Press Releases and Project Descriptions

On Friday Aoife and I had a little Nave Workshop on the press releases.

Aoife is like family, our Mams are best friends since they were in school and she is my current roomie. She is buzzing about the idea of The Nave and wants to be a Navi. We are lucky to have her. She works in press for a lawyer’s office so to have a more corporate view on what is being put out there is a god send.

I wanted to tackle the wording on The Nave. I have a million documents on what it is. To me its so many fucking things and is basically all of me so sometimes I get so overwhelmed trying to explain it.

I also don’t have a huge amount of confidence around words as I reckon I’m a little dyslexic. I can’t spell for shite and punctuation/grammar a here! Perfect example my mate Fran text me yesterday saying this…


It says it all bahaha.

But actually saying you’re not a good writer is all bollocks as its about what you are writing, not how it is spelt.

So we started talking about the writing I had already in place. I read her documents I had created, including my long rambling description from the Facebook group. In reading it I realised half of it doesn’t even apply anymore. Like it says…


I hope no one has actually been waiting for these themes as I have posted one since February 17th so they could be waiting a while, haha

Here is one I found looking back there though..


Still gets me.

For the rest of workshop we mainly talked on the previous content, Aoife asked questions and picked out all the good key parts I have already written and gave me feedback as to why they were good and should be included.

Realisations from this process:

  • What to scrap
  • Some of the wording I just lacked confidence and needed a second opinion to tell me it was ok. This is good to be aware of, stuff I’d written like .. The Nave, The Church of Creativity: Creating Consciousness. Knowing that this sound good. I didn’t like using the word consciousness because I think sometimes it can sound a bit tree huggerish but I actually need to get over all that crap. Its all linked to ideas of judgement
  • We decided rather than a press release what we actually needed was a document that explains what The Nave is. Something that just explains it, that does not sells it, not on how to use it. Just the what, who, where, when and how.
  • The idea has grown to become much firmer and clearer


The tagline we agreed on was:


The Nave is a movement of creatives, collaborating to make Statement Art, and to use their collective voice to shatter silences and make a difference.
Aoife is going to write up the document and send it back to me to make edits. I am looking forward to see what she comes up with.

Facebook Posting Fear

Facebook Posting Fear

Why is it that posting about your idea on Facebook so scary? I mean if you are working on someone else’s project, grand. If you are advertising on any other site, grand. Its just that fear of all the people you know seeing it that makes it so hideous.

But I have decided not to be a worraz about it.

I have started by dipping my toe in slowly and posting on these groups

Conspiring and Inspiring for a better future (very like me so less daunting) . Shortly after I got one response off a writer called Mary who says she interested in working on this she is based in bath but we will see what she says.

London (BAME) Women Writers’ Group , The founders also came back to me almost straight away with some interesting ideas of funding


As they are quite busy I am going on meet them on 6th June to discuss this further.

People are so nice. It immediately makes you feel like what the fuck was I worrying about?

I booked the board room at The Collective (The Collective is my shared office space that I go to after 9 – 5 hours to work on my projects. Its nice as there are loads of other start ups there in the same boat) hold a writing collab workshop there on 31st May. It will be about the idea and how to create a dialogue for a short film piece. For example it will be something along the lines of the new Vicks campaign (which I am in love with)but on ‘Surgery Slave’ theme and in terms of length and style but it will have the challenge of having to be filmed at the venue( one room) during the event.

I have no idea what the context of the workshop will be but Aine(my mam) said she will help me work on a structure for this on Thursday before Sangha.

Ball rolling… 🙂


Project Distractions and working to set timings

O my god it is so absurd how distracted I get. I am trying to start some work now before my working day starts. I am in two minds.

I am not sure of which to do first.. 1, get in touch with some creative writing groups to see if they want to have a brainstorm session around the story of the ‘Surgery Slave’ for the day or 2, start a graphic design group for collaborating around the ideas for the marketing campaign.

Obviously this indecisiveness has lead me to do neither of these things and instead to start to delete old playlists form my YouTube account. Jesus.

I am setting myself a task now. I have one hour.

I am going to start with the story telling as I think this part comes first as it can inspire further content with its ideas for the campaign.


1, Look up existing story writing groups

2, Get in touch with the best to see if they would like to collaborate on the idea.



Email – from my Mam asking to change meeting me tomorrow to Friday and go to this

Facebook notifications – Its Ste’s birthday, Someone is looking for a model on the photography models & photographers in London group for a birthday themed shoot and a memory from 2010 of Stix finding the FM 104 ash cloud song, about the time when I could not fly back to Dublin because of a volcanic irruption ( how ridiculous).

Thoughts – Rambling ones about staking out the Park for the event venue for days in advance, watching for the patterns of the park guards, sitting in a trench coat with a large newspaper or hiding in the bushes with binoculars.


So I have written the mail. I am already thinking of reasons why it is not right to send it.


I am over an hour of course! But I think having that time pressure to do it in helps you cut the crap and focus on the bits that are important.

I’ve had a look on Facebook and Meet up and am going to send it to some groups and see what happens.

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