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Toilet Venue Hunt – The NAVE

Torn on if I should try to get others to get involved in hunting for the venue like a social campaign or to just look for it myself. Could be a lot of trouble the first way. Could do both. Would be good to get a second opinion on this…

Show your work

Show your work

Yesterday I met my Mam before Sanga in St James Park. I had a rant about time. I am working on my project ‘The Nave’ while working full time and trying to buy a house with my boyfriend. I just got my schedule for June in work and I am travelling every week in the month. I love travel don’t get me wrong but I was just thinking WTF am I ever going to get this project out? Will I ever have fucking anything to show people? She dragged me to Waterstones and bought me this book.

She said don’t be so precious, people are interested in the journey.

My last two projects I worked on before this took 3 years and neither of them took off so in a way I had nothing to show for them. Obviously I learnt crazy amounts for me personally but no one ever knew. So this is my place to say fuck it lets show the ups and downs. May need a few more chapters of this to have the balls to own it though ha..


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