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Handtyping Contact Databases

Handtyping Contact Databases

The fooking OCR failed and came up with this







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I am now hand typing 60 pages of  handwritten contact sheets from last weeks Hackney WickED festival

AHHHH..Stay calm and listen to Black Madonna.

Currently type-dancing. (Best moments : 42 mins, 1.32, 1.46 FUCKYES. )

Confidence in writing Press Releases and Project Descriptions

Confidence in writing Press Releases and Project Descriptions

On Friday Aoife and I had a little Nave Workshop on the press releases.

Aoife is like family, our Mams are best friends since they were in school and she is my current roomie. She is buzzing about the idea of The Nave and wants to be a Navi. We are lucky to have her. She works in press for a lawyer’s office so to have a more corporate view on what is being put out there is a god send.

I wanted to tackle the wording on The Nave. I have a million documents on what it is. To me its so many fucking things and is basically all of me so sometimes I get so overwhelmed trying to explain it.

I also don’t have a huge amount of confidence around words as I reckon I’m a little dyslexic. I can’t spell for shite and punctuation/grammar a here! Perfect example my mate Fran text me yesterday saying this…


It says it all bahaha.

But actually saying you’re not a good writer is all bollocks as its about what you are writing, not how it is spelt.

So we started talking about the writing I had already in place. I read her documents I had created, including my long rambling description from the Facebook group. In reading it I realised half of it doesn’t even apply anymore. Like it says…


I hope no one has actually been waiting for these themes as I have posted one since February 17th so they could be waiting a while, haha

Here is one I found looking back there though..


Still gets me.

For the rest of workshop we mainly talked on the previous content, Aoife asked questions and picked out all the good key parts I have already written and gave me feedback as to why they were good and should be included.

Realisations from this process:

  • What to scrap
  • Some of the wording I just lacked confidence and needed a second opinion to tell me it was ok. This is good to be aware of, stuff I’d written like .. The Nave, The Church of Creativity: Creating Consciousness. Knowing that this sound good. I didn’t like using the word consciousness because I think sometimes it can sound a bit tree huggerish but I actually need to get over all that crap. Its all linked to ideas of judgement
  • We decided rather than a press release what we actually needed was a document that explains what The Nave is. Something that just explains it, that does not sells it, not on how to use it. Just the what, who, where, when and how.
  • The idea has grown to become much firmer and clearer


The tagline we agreed on was:


The Nave is a movement of creatives, collaborating to make Statement Art, and to use their collective voice to shatter silences and make a difference.
Aoife is going to write up the document and send it back to me to make edits. I am looking forward to see what she comes up with.

Over stressed to high level overview

Over stressed to high level overview

Today I have been stressed out of my bloody mind. It all came to a head after realising all this schedule stuff  I posted about yesterday. Eugh the drain. Its 6pm and I have literally spent the whole day furiously pacing and wanting to crawl out of my skin.

Does this serve any purpose? Well it made me call my best friend Stix, who by coincidence was also crawling the walls in South London over some family/money stresses. After about an hour of speaking at about 100 miles an hour and smoking eight cigarettes I have managed to finally get to work.

The time stress (and 100 mile an hour chat) has made me realise that I only have a certain amount of time to do things so I need to go in top level and see what I have to do and everything else will have to wait.

I did a Prince Two project management course a few weeks ago. As I wanted to use all the lessons from the course, I have fallen into my usual trap of over planning and not just doing.

So here is the summary of the key points I want to take from the course

1, Manage By Stages

I tend to think of every detail under the sun. My planning is so thorough I am imaging myself as CEO planning Olympic open ceremony sized events and the possible issues that may face me at this point.

Only plan for a appropriate stage and then don’t work past this

2, Organisation board

Create a board of people who are more established and experienced. Get them to act as your board to run your projects past and assure quality.

3,  Work Packages

Create small packages of work. Be specific about what is needed and dates it will be sent back.

Allocate, receive, sign off. I am working on this today and will let you know how I get on.

4, Product Focused.

I’ve had so many enjoyable projects that I have loved but have made no money because I have been more focused on the activity, the event and the marketing then the actual product.

5, Lessons Learnt

I need to evaluate what was good and bad about my last projects and incorporate these lessons into the new project

So I’m going to just focus on these points and see how I get on. Time to get into my onesie and let the real work begin.

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