Logo Design Completion

Logo Design Completion

I have been working with Naomi a graphic design that I met at a photography course at Working Man’s College in Camden. Neither of us finished the course ha but at least we managed to meet each other. She created this amazing logo that is so perfect for The Nave.

I really enjoyed the process of working with Naomi on the project because of the style in which she worked. There was so much creativity and thought that went into every bit of what she did and all expressed in such a small space! I learnt so much about graphic design from her. I knew others would be interested to so asked her to write a little on how this process went…

‘When Ornagh and I first sat down to discuss the project, there was already a clear sense of identity that The Nave embodied. Like any good brand there were values and ideals that were clear, well-structured and had been thoroughly thought through. These, however, needed to be distilled down into one simple graphic execution that reflected not only the meaning of the name, but the beliefs and ambitions of the organisation. 

The definition of ‘Nave’ is a central part of a church building that houses the congregation. This is reflected in the dramatic slants of the letters, graphically mimicking the towers and steeples found on a church.

Whilst researching, I found Nave also means ‘the hub, or central part, of a wheel’, fitting in beautifully with what the Nave represents – a place for people to come together and collaborate, the centre of a community. This is represented in the surrounding circle and lent itself naturally to the word marque.

Whilst the Nave is an inclusive platform, it has a strong and dedicated founder. The logo marque has a clear sense of Ornagh’s personality, again, the dramatic and sharp edges have a high fashion feel and, the breaks in the lines around the circle depict the bursting of creativity; I hate to use this phrase but, a sense of ‘thinking outside the box’ or ‘colouring outside the lines’ comes to mind. Ornagh wants to provide a platform for people to respond to creative challenges, so it was important to encompass this.


Overall, the logo is only one, small part of a much bigger picture however, I think the Nave’s new logo provides a distillation of it’s meanings and values, giving the organisation a great starting point in which it can grow and establish the visual execution of it’s brand.’