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Support Charlottesville Victims of Racism


 The NAACP in Charlottesville

– Beloved Community, a direct response created to counter Unite the Right’s rally (UPDATE: The pledge has been successfully completed, and the site is updated with other organizations to donate to).

– Black Lives Matter Charlottesville
– Legal Aid Justice Center, which provides legal representation to lower income incomes in Virgina.
– Charlottesville Solidarity Legal Fund, a community resource for anti-racism activism in Charlottesville.
– Medical Fund for Comrades in Cville, a GoFundMe created to support the medical bills of those wounded in the counterprotests.

Donations are not the only way to support. #SPEAK OUT @thenave. Just saying your point or create art that speaks to others can create change.


Handtyping Contact Databases

Handtyping Contact Databases

The fooking OCR failed and came up with this







51ctndIhq cc.w) 

I am now hand typing 60 pages of  handwritten contact sheets from last weeks Hackney WickED festival

AHHHH..Stay calm and listen to Black Madonna.

Currently type-dancing. (Best moments : 42 mins, 1.32, 1.46 FUCKYES. )

Toilet Venue Hunt – The NAVE

Torn on if I should try to get others to get involved in hunting for the venue like a social campaign or to just look for it myself. Could be a lot of trouble the first way. Could do both. Would be good to get a second opinion on this…

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