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The Nave Creative Script Writing Workshop

The Nave Creative Script Writing Workshop on Wednesday night was such a success!

It could not have gone better. There were lots of cancellations but it was nice to have my nearest and dearest with me to have a practice run, get feedback and enjoy the experience.

It also makes me see about how you must be constantly promoting yourselves. I did one day promotion in total and all on Facebook groups.

The feedback they did give me was great and this really boosted my confidence.

So we have created the story for the event of the girl after she makes her decision to go for her surgery .

Now we just need to story for the start of where she sees the advertisements, makes her decision and goes for her first consultation. For this I want to create images, memes and gifs to be shared across social media and email marketing.

I am going to approach two graphic designers I know to create a similar style workshop for graphic designers.

Here’s some of what happened from the night…


Presentation TN Workshop SS Writing

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